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07 Septembre 2023

To submit a spontaneous application, click here !

To submit a spontaneous application, click here !

You want to join a dynamic Group, in full expension, with strong values ? Focus on Alliance Marine !

Today, Alliance Marine has more than 800 commited employees and fascinating jobs. 

An international Group. Alliance Marine is an international Group of 32 companies in 10 countries.

An activity linked to the sea. In addition to being a pioneer in the distribution of boating accessories, Alliance Marine has grown into an industrial group which incorporates the design and production of home-branded safety at sea and rescue systems.

We are so lucky to work in a sea or maritime related environment. For our teams, it generates a very special bound between us, a mutual desire to protect oceans, to make sustainability our daily concern and facilitate access to the sea for young generations.

Strong values.  We pay extreme attention to bringing 3 values to life in our relations with our employees, suppliers, customers, partners and shareholders : Respect, Professionnalism and Transparency. These human values are the foundations of our employees’ welfare and our business conduct rules, building the cement of a durable and trustworthy relationshipCes valeurs humaines visent à promouvoir le bien-être de nos collaborateurs et garantir des règles de conduite des affaires qui sont le ciment des relations de confiance, durables et harmonieuses. 
A dynamic environment. In our daily activity, we are focussing on permanent innovation and additionnal talent. We work in a digital environment innovating and powerful. 

Our core activity  ?

  • Designing, developing and manufacturing proprietary products such as safety at sea and rescue equipment
  • Distributing boat fit-out and maintenance complete solutions for which the group's affiliates team up with leading specialists

Our Jobs  ?

  • Commerce
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Information systems
  • Supply Chain
  • Customer service
  • Finance
  • Human Ressources 
  • EHSQ

Join us !

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