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What binds us together

Respect, Professionnalism and Transparency are at the heart of the ALLIANCE MARINE Group’s daily action. We pay extreme attention to bringing these values to life in our relations with our employees, suppliers, customers, partners and shareholders : these human values are the foundations of our employees’ welfare and our business conduct rules, building the cement of a durable and trustworthy relationship.
We are so lucky, in all the ALLIANCE MARINE Group, to work in a sea or maritime related environment : it contributes to building among our teams a very special feeling and sensitivity for the marine ecosystem which is our daily action field. Whether as a playground for recreational boating and leisure activities, as a workplace for professional sea workers, or as a theater of operations for troops on a mission… the sea is our common thread.
It is an integral part of our welfare at work at ALLIANCE MARINE : the sea is a strong federating element for our teams, it generates a very special bound between us, a mutual desire to protect oceans, to make sustainability our daily concern and facilitate access to the sea for young generations.