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Jean-Paul Roche, CEO of Alliance Marine Group, hands over the helm to Jérémy Tedguy

05 Juillet 2023

Jean-Paul Roche, CEO of Alliance Marine Group, hands over the helm to Jérémy Tedguy

Jean-Paul Roche, CEO and founder of Alliance Marine Group, announces that he hands over the helm of the group to Jérémy Tedguy, currently Deputy CEO Finance and Acquisitions.  

Jean-Paul Roche is a discreet man who entered the boating industry through a former career in the automative parts  business. In 1993, he takes over the management of Vidal Diffusion Marine (VDM). Very soon, his expertise in distribution combines with a strong interest for boating and he creates Alliance Marine Group in 1999 also based in Toulon (Med part of France). The group is clearly and quickly assessed as a specialist in the distribution of boating equipment and this identity is soon reinforced with the acquisition of French companies SEIMI, Euromarine, Reya, Accastillage Diffusion, Berthelot, Plastimo, Kent, Berra and then Sogeric, HDS and Lognav. In only 15 years of activity, Alliance Marine Group boasts a 100 M€ turnover and enjoys a solid share of the French equipment market in recreational boating, professional marine and industry segments. As from 2017, a major strategic step is taken as the group targets international markets and grows significantly with the acquisition of subsidiaries* in Germany, Italy,  UK, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands. 2022 turnover is 310 M€.

*Bukh Bremen, FNI, Ocean Safety, Typhoon, Revere Survival, Dismarina, Navinordic, 12 seemeilen, Marathon Leisure, Comstedt, AR Peachment, Jobe Sports.

In a message to the 850 staff members based in 8 different countries, Jean-Paul Roche explains :  « I started the Alliance Marine project in September 1999 and 24 years later, I think we can look back on this journey together with satisfaction. You came onboard at different times along the way, each of your companies represented a new challenge for the Group, bringing an additional economic and   human asset. Together, we have built a very dynamic group, constantly on the move. Originally starting as a regional company, we became national, then international and the expansion perspectives today  are unlimited. I am very pleased to hand over the helm of Alliance Marine Group to Jérémy Tedguy who will be supported by a management team perfectly up to the multiple challenges ahead. Together, they will grasp the business opportunities that arise and initiate others to guarantee the group a constant and steady growth.”

Jérémy Tedguy, 41 year-old, becomes CEO of Alliance Marine Group starting 1st July 2023. 
He joined the group in 2015 and worked with Jean-Paul Roche, contributing in particular to a very  active phase of international acquisitive growth from 2017 to 2022.
Tedguy comments : “I would like to thank Jean-Paul Roche for laying solid foundations for our group, now firmly leading the boat equipment market. I was lucky to work by his side for 8 years during a period of massive growth and I was able to appreciate with him the importance of the human factor and the necessity to respect different cultures in a group that has become widely international. I share Jean-Paul’s values which come as natural values to our teams and are now fully integrated in our group’s identity. Those values are to a large extent what allows Alliance Marine to enjoy the loyalty of worldwide reputation brands and partners. The group’s dynamics is powerful and we have lots of projects ahead, such as the overall digitalization which is currently being deployed. I am totally confident that  with Yann Bouctot,  Deputy CEO Operations and Louis Egon, Deputy CEO Strategy and M&A, we will keep the best course and further increase the group’s development… who knows, for the next 24 years !”

Alliance Marine Group’s Executive Committee :

  • Jérémy Tedguy, CEO as from 1st July 2023 (left on photo)
  • Yann Bouctot, Deputy CEO Operations  (middle on photo)
  • Louis Egon, Deputy CEO Strategy and M&A  (right on photo)


The management team that supported the group’s exceptional growth over the last few years,  an experienced triumvirate whom Jean-Paul Roche describes as « personalities with complementary skills,  curious and open-minded, rigourous and forward-looking, ethical and transparent. »

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