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Alliance Marine consolidates its Safety Division

21 Octobre 2021

Alliance Marine consolidates its Safety Division

Safety : one of the pillars of organic growth 

As Alliance Marine subsidiaries are busy showcasing product launch and marketing programs during the autumn shows, the Group takes a much broader perspective and organises its Safety Division which is expected to be one of the organic growth pillars for the leader of recreational boating and professional marine equipment.


Since Plastimo joined Alliance Marine 10 years ago, the Group has considerably strengthened its Safety business, in particular with the acquisition of Ocean Safety, Typhoon and Revere in 2018. Operational bridges with Plastimo were created and common opportunities were identified for all four brands which also share a strong presence on international markets.

Yann Bouctot, Alliance Marine Operations Director, explains : « In addition to our worldwide development,  we must leverage growth boosters generated by group synergies. Among these intra-group growth boosters, the optimisation of our proprietary product offering combined with a consistent brand portfolio is a priority. »

In order to coordinate this mission, Yann Bouctot announces the appointment of Yann Cornec as head of the Alliance Marine Safety Division. « After supporting Plastimo in its development and brand affirmation since 2013, Yann Cornec will coordinate all the Safety activities of the Group : innovation and product development, marketing and distribution, production and outsourcing… ».

Yann Cornec will rely on an expert team : Alistair Hackett (Ocean Safety & Revere -UK), James Saunders (Typhoon -UK), Jean-François Gautier (Plastimo -France), Mikael Andersson (Navinordic -Sweden) and Joan Llobera (Dismarina -Spain).
Frédéric Blaudeau who joined Plastimo in 2018 as Marketing Manager will support Yann Cornec on marketing and brand management aspects for the whole Alliance Marine Safety perimeter.

Gaetan Bonfils becomes Finance Director of the Safety Division in addition to his current role at Ocean Safety.

Obvious similarities and synergies between Plastimo, Ocean Safety, Typhoon and Revere

Yann Cornec adds : « This Safety Division is just something natural and obvious : there are so many interesting similarities between Plastimo, Ocean Safety, Typhoon and Revere : we operate on the same markets and we develop and manufacture proprietary product such as liferafts, lifejackets, lifebuoys and ManOverBoard recovery systems.  We also share the obligation to comply with strict regulations, whether for leisure boating, commercial marine or defense markets. Capitalising on the strength and know-how of all companies involved will allow our Safety offer to better meet customers’ needs. I look forward to coordinating these synergies to further boost innovation and product development. In addition, optimising international standards compliance and homologation will help us accelerate our worldwide coverage and sales, another priority axis in Alliance Marine’s growth strategy. »

Photo : Yann Cornec (left), Frédéric Blaudeau (right) 



Alliance Marine Group Safety Division

.  240 staff members (650 staff members in whole Alliance Marine Group) 
.  Turnover :  70 M€  (210 M€ for whole Alliance Marine Group)   
.  2 production units
.  3 R & D sites and teams
.  Brands with international awareness and coverage 

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